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The best collection of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) booth babes from past to present!! Our concept is simple create a trading floor for all E3 fanatics to upload and share their E3 babe pictures, because we all know - you didn't only play the games!


E3 2015 The year of the Booth Babe Ban  |   June 16, 2015url

Welcome to E3 2015

This year was one of the lightest years for E3 booth babes due to the recent Booth babe bans that we've seen going through the industry. Starting with PAX it seems E3 and many other companies are following suit.  Thank you for your continued support, In the meantime keep sharing your photos, and lets hope for the best next year! Read more about the bans more

Meet the Official Photographer of E3 2014  |   June 09, 2014url

E3Girls Welcome's Jeremy Meyer back as the official Photographer of E3girls 2014

Jeremy Meyer is an E3 veteran with a great eye for photography, he has also spent time as a sports reporter covering the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League as well as the San Diego Chargers for the Los Angeles Examiner and BoltHype.com.   Jeremy has played a significant role in E3Girls in th......more

5 Ways to Use E3 to Expand Your Promotional Modeling Network  |   June 08, 2014url

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to start preparing for the E3 Expo! And, what better way to celebrate your promotional model booking, then to learn how to effectively use the E3 Expo’s resources to your advantage? Haven’t been hired for the E3 Expo yet? Not to worry! First, read this article for tips on How to Become an E3 Booth Model. Then, after you’ve......more

Meet Gina Darling, our newest 2013 model interview  |   July 24, 2013url

Our newest interview has been posted, Meet Gina Darling a 4 year E3 booth model who got to experience E3 this year as an attendee.  Read more about Gina in our interview section.


The best of interviews past  |   Jun 02, 2012

Kali Chung spend another year at the worlds greatest gaming convension, she talks models and more.... interview here

Elle Turner one of the winged heaven vs hell beauties earns IGN's e3 babe of the show find out why...interview here

Alejandra Gutierrez Latin Playmate of the year, tells us about her experience at e3...interview here

Dyanamaria talks about her experiences at this years conference and bets she had the biggest "Gun" of all the girls at E3 2005... interview here

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Were you a model at E3? Models from this year please Contact us, if you would like to share you experiences, tag a photo with your name, or conduct an interview for the fans of e3girls.com
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