E3Girls 10 Year Anniversary

E3 girls was established in 2001, for the free sharing of photos of your favorite booth babes who work the show floors as the Electronic Entertainment Expo. At the time e3girls was created it was a time where social media sites such as flickr, facebook, instagram didn't even exist on the world wide web, and E3girls was the first and only unique place on the web where people would be able to share their e3 photos with others. E3girls had been quoted on websites, print magazine articles and many other formats gaining huge popularity through the years.

When E3 Decided to close their doors to the big public spectacle of monumental booths and booth babes, the history of a site like this was uncertain. After a few years E3 returned to its roots and continues its tradition of over the top spending, displays and babes. Many Years later e3 girls continues to host its archive for free and encourages continued sharing from our users.


We thank everyone for their support through the years and look forward to many more years of photo sharing, because we know you didn't only play the games at E3.


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